Corporate accounting

Corporate accounting

Corporate accounting

Course information

Tuition fee/term:
3,940,500 ₫

Field of study: Corporate accounting
Industry Code: 5340302
Training time: 18 months for high school graduates
Target students: High school graduates, junior high school graduates

Course details


About the program
The Business Accounting Intermediate Program equips learners with common background in economics and finance such as Economic Law, Enterprise Law, Corporate Finance, Taxation, Accounting. Industrial production, Administrative accounting and Practical accounting software.

At the end of the course, trainees will go to practice in enterprises, thereby helping them systematize and synthesize the knowledge they have learned so that they can first apply the research into reality and awareness. fully account the role of accounting, build the working style of accountants and practical skills, solve practical problems when leaving school.

After completing the program, learners will be awarded Intermediate Business Accounting degree and can transfer to college or university.

- Applying methods of recording, guiding and handling arising economic operations and bookkeeping system;

- To apply knowledge of law, socio-economic, financial and accounting auditing in the performance of assigned accounting operations;

- Application of accounting software for recording accounting records;

- Implement accounting reporting system;

- Dealing with issues arising in independent, honest, creative and accurate matters.


- Make vouchers, check classification and accounting vouchers;

- Use of accounting vouchers in general and detailed accounting;

- Prepare tax reports and financial reports;

- Using 2 to 3 accounting software;

- Analyzing the economic and financial aspects of enterprises.
Capacity of autonomy and responsibility

- Be independent, creative, honest and accurate when dealing with issues arising in the profession;

- Have the ability and skills to adapt to rapid changes and lifelong learning requirements.
Job opportunities

After graduation, learners can work in agencies, companies, enterprises and enterprises with specialized accounting business.

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