Regulations for credit training

Intermediate level training by credit method of Van Hanh Intermediate Medicine and Pharmacy

Chapter I

Article 1. Scope of regulation and subjects of application

1. This Regulation prescribes the organization of implementation of intermediate-level training programs by credit method at Van Hanh Intermediate Medicine School, including training organizations; examinations and examinations; to manage dossiers and training materials; Recognize and recognize graduates.

2. This Regulation applies to individuals and units involved in intermediate-level training activities conducted under the form of credit at Van Hanh Medical and Pharmacy College.

Article 2. Interpretation of terms

Credit-based training is a training method in which the learner actively chooses according to the rules of the school to learn and accumulate each module or course (called module) until the whole chapter is completed. submit. Learners who accumulate all the modules specified in the program of the discipline or study shall be considered for graduation.

Article 3. Course duration and duration of teaching activities

1. Time of training is a time designed to complete a specific program and be eligible to receive a diploma corresponding to that program, specifically:

a / The duration of intermediate level training by mode of credit is the cumulative duration of the prescribed number of credits for each program, with a training duration of between one and two years.

b / The person with lower secondary education diploma, if he / she wishes to continue his / her education to the college level, must accumulate additional upper secondary school cultural contents;

2. The maximum time for students to complete the program includes the maximum time to complete the modules in the program, calculated from the start of the first module to the completion of the last module of the program. submit.

a) The maximum time for learners to complete the guaranteed program does not exceed twice the design time for the program from two to three school years, not to exceed three times the design time for the program from one to below two years of study.

b / In addition, the principals shall consider and decide to extend the maximum time for learners in one of the following cases: – To be mobilized to perform security and defense obligations, upon completion obligation to continue to attend school; Have a certificate of disability in accordance with the Disability Law; for reasons of health to stop for long periods of time for treatment; Being examined for penal liability, the conclusions of the competent bodies, which are not subject to disciplinary measures at the forced dismissal stage;

c) Two programs at the same time, the maximum time for completion of the two programs is equal to the maximum time to complete one of the programs and is calculated from the beginning of the first program.

3. Time to teach

a) The teaching duration of the school is from 0730 hrs to 2110 hrs daily, except for compulsory teaching outside this time limit.

b) The total duration of study for a learner in a day must not exceed 8 hours, except for compulsory contents of more than 8 hours to be eligible for performance. There is no more than 30 hours of theory per week; in one day, no more than 6 hours of theory.

C) One hour of hands-on / integrated learning is 60 minutes; One hour of theory is 45 minutes.ĐT/Quy%20che%20dao%20tạo/HEH_Quy%20che%20dao%20tao%20tin%20chi.pdf

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