Van Hanh Medical Intermediate School congratulates the Vietnamese physician on 27/02/2018

“Medicine must be like a mother” – the words of President Ho Chi Minh for medical workers have become the guide for many generations of doctors in our country. Physicians should have high responsibility, dedicated service, love and care for patients. They not only master the profession, but also need professional ethics, ethics. So this is a career not only noble, social importance but also a career to bear a lot of pressure.

To honor and give the most sincere thanks to the doctors, health care professionals, who are dedicated every day to the care of the sick, on February 27. Selected as “Vietnamese Doctor”. On this day, the medical staff not only receive the encouragement of the whole society, but also the opportunity to remind the responsibility and mission they are holding.

In response to 63 years of Vietnamese physicians (27/02 / 1955-27 / 02/2018), Van Hanh Medical – Pharmacy School would like to send wishes to the teachers / Officials at the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy of Van Hanh Medical and Pharmacy School, have good health and intellectual resources to contribute to the national medicine in general and to the education of generations. Children of the health sector in particular. Wish your teachers and students more success and happiness. I hope that physicians are always a symbol of trust, hope and health, worthy of the respect and honor of the society, worthy of the five golden words “Physician as Mother gentle”.

Van Hanh Medical School also sent greetings to the students who are in the health care sector at school are always happy, try to strive to study and learn to become good doctors. excellent doctor for the health sector of the country.