Industry recruitment, selection criteria, training time

1. Industry recruitment, selection criteria, training time

No Industry Name      Code        Object, training time
1  Physician 42720301 – Candidates have graduated from high school, college or university

– Duration 01 year

2  Nursing 42720401
3  Pharmacology 42720501
4  Traditional Medicine 42720201
5 Corporate accounting 42340303
6 Medical techniques analysis 42720303
7 Technology of food processing and Preservation 42540104
8 Applied Informatics 42480207


Note: Candidates who have graduated from professional secondary schools, vocational secondary schools, colleges, colleges and universities of other disciplines shall be considered for accreditation of the studied courses for exemption from study, exemption from or exemption from tuition fees.

2. A dossier of registration for admission consideration
– Registration form (school form);
– Certificate of graduation, high school diploma or certificate of graduation (certified)
– A copy of high school, junior high school transcripts, academic transcripts (graduated from TCC, colleges, universities) (certified)
– Health certificate
– Copy of birth certificate, household registration, identity card (certified)
– 4 photos 3×4

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