Course information

Tuition fee/term:
6,343,750 ₫

ield of study: Physician 
Industry Code: 5720101
Training time: 1 to 2 years
Target students: High school graduates, junior high school graduates


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About the program

   Completion of this program, learners have enough knowledge and practical skills of mid-level doctors, capable of managing, examining and treating some common diseases as prescribed. Having ethics, professional conscience, sense of discipline, responsibility before health and life of patients; Have enough health to complete the task. The doctor also has the ability to transfer to a four-year university to become a general practitioner under the regulations of the Ministry of Education and Training and the Ministry of Health.
   Medical training at intermediate level, having good political, ethical and good health; To grasp the basic knowledge of science and technology according to professional requirements of technicians, with the following specific objectives:


- Presentation of basic knowledge about: Structure, activity and function of the human body; the interaction between the environment and human health, measures to maintain and improve living conditions to protect and promote health.

- Present basic principles of diagnosis, treatment and prevention of some common diseases.

- Present the laws and policies of the State on the care and protection of people's health.


- The visits, examination and treatment of some common diseases and diseases.

- Early detection and management of emergency cases at the grassroots level.

- Do some procedures in accordance with the Ministry of Health, home care and rehabilitation in the community.

- Transition of over-time diseases in excess of the prescribed level and ability to settle in the grassroots level.

- Organizing the management and implementation of national health programs, early detection of diseases, planning and implementation of disease prevention and epidemic prevention.

- Communication and education in health, coordinate with departments, mass organizations, community mobilization to participate in solving health problems at the grassroots level.

- Management of commune health stations.


- Practice according to the law, devoted to the cause of protection and health care of the people.

- Respect and sincerely cooperate with colleagues, preserve and promote good tradition of the industry.

Job opportunities

- After completing this program, learners have sufficient knowledge and skills to become health workers, capable of managing, examining and treating some common diseases according to regulations, care and protection. healthy people.

- Medical students can transfer to a university.

Other courses

With a desire to provide the society with highly qualified human resources in pharmacy, Van Hanh Medicine and Pharmacy School always takes the quality of training as the top priority. Upon completion of the course at Van Hanh Intermediate Medicine and Pharmacy, students will be awarded with Intermediate Pharmacist.

After completion of the program at Van Hanh Pharmacy School, multi-disciplinary nurses have good moral qualities, high responsibility for the health and life of patients; good health to work; Do not stop learning to improve your skills and skills.

With the desire to provide the society with highly specialized human resources in traditional medicine, Van Hanh Medical School always takes the quality of training as the top priority. Upon completion of the program, students will be awarded a Doctor of Medicine degree in Traditional Medicine, with sufficient knowledge and skills to become a medical practitioner.

The food industry training program aims to provide a professional source of labor in processing and preserving food. During the study, students also have direct practical experience in enterprises, facilities to improve their experience and improve learning.

At Van Hanh Intermediate level, every student studying in Medical Technician field will be trained in basic science knowledge, acquire specialized knowledge, practice in skills and practice. morality, behavior.

With years of experience, Van Hanh Medicine and Pharmacy is always a prestigious and quality training institution. This is a good environment for you to secure your studies and make a dream of becoming a qualified business accountant in the future.